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Rent Our Space! 

The beauty of choosing The Palace Theater for your special event is that the options and ammenities are endless!

  • Two seating layouts available: Flexible Seating & Garden Seating. Capacity at 100% with Flexbile Seating is 288. Flexible Seating with Garden Seting is 400. 
  • Stage size is 22 feet deep by 25 feet wide. There is an extra 9 feet off the front of the stage. The vast majority of the stage is covered. 
  • Air-conditioned backstage area (The Green Room) is large and versatile with comfortable seating and amenities. 
  • Sun covering over audience in main seating area. 
  • Security deposit and rental agreement must be received before any dates are booked. 
  • Food and beverage packages are available exclusively from Billy's Grille & Bar. 
  • House AV equipment can be utilized during private events upon request. 
Ryan Price Photography captures wedding ceremony at The Palace Theater
Floor plan options for private rentals

Let's Talk Options!

Our four-hour rental time slots are broken into two categories: Peak Times and Non-Peak Times. We also offer add-on time blocks should you want additional time outside of the standard timeframe.

Furniture options are included in your rental price. Whether you are looking for lounge, flexible furniture or orderly garden-style seating, we can accommodate both. 

Clients will find our green room to be stylish and unique - the perfect area to get ready or prepare for whatever type of event you are hosting. 

Want to customize? We provide clients the option to utizilize the iconic Palace Marquee for all private events!

Looking to learn more about what comes along with booking at The Palace?  

Rental Agreement

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If you would like to rent out theatre get in touch using the form below and we will get back to you.

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